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Our Hearts at Sunday Mass - 10 Steps to a Joyful Life

  "Through this book I've come to realize the true meaning of Mass, and how it carries the true message of God's love, compassion and mercy.  All through my youth I saw Mass as a chore.  Later, I went and tried to connect with God.  It didn't work.  I didn't know what I was looking for.  I stopped attending.  After five years, I read this book and truly understand the message that Mass conveys and how it carries over to my life throughout the week.  I found insight to appreciate Mass and carry God's message in my daily life."
                                                                                          -- Luis Esquivel, Anaheim, CA

Perhaps you thought that participation in Sunday Mass took only about an hour or so.  My book explains how participation in Mass is a way of life.  What we do at Mass is intended to form and shape our thoughts, words and actions all day, everyday, all week long, all year long, and all life long.

The chapter titles list the ten steps that our hearts take on the journey to joy.

1. A Humble Heart 
2. A Forgiving Heart
3. A Welcoming Heart
4. A Listening Heart
5. An Asking Heart
  6. A Grateful Heart
7. A Transformed Heart
8. A Committed Heart
9. A Serving Heart
10. A Compassionate Heart

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I invite you to click on and play one of the two videos available on this website for a brief overview of these topics. 

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