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13th Sunday (A) Intelligent Life?
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     What stood out for you in today’s readings?  I would like to share briefly some thoughts that I had.


     First a little story.  Two aliens were flying by earth in a spaceship and they noticed all the nuclear weapons on earth.

     One alien said, “Do you think there is intelligent life down there?

     The other alien responded.  “I don’t think so.  All their weapons are pointed at themselves.”


     From outer space, the earth looks like one place, which it is.  And the people look like one family, which we are.  Only we don’t always realize what it means to be brothers and sisters in the same human family.


     What would it take to stop pointing weapons at each other? What would it take to get rid of all racial prejudice? What would it take to provide justice for everyone?  What would take to close the gap between the rich and the poor?


     It would take a transformation of heart.  A transformation from a stony heart into a heart of hospitality.


     Today’s second reading talks about baptism.  In baptism we are welcomed into the heart of God.  Imagine that.  A little weak, feeble human being welcomed in the heart of God.


     I’ve often said that hospitality is God’s middle name.  Psalm 23 says it this way.  “He leads me to green pastures.”  “Beside restful waters he leads me.”  “He spreads the table before me.”  “He anoints my head with oil.”  It’s all about welcoming and hospitality.


     If God welcomes us into his heart, should we not do the same, welcome one another into our hearts?


      I think this parish is very good at hospitality.  Jesus says that whoever receives a prophet, welcomes him.  You have always welcomed priests into this parish.  You shall receive a prophet’s reward.  Later in Matthew’s gospel Jesus says, “Whoever welcomes a little child in my name welcomes me.”  You have always welcomed little children, and supported our school so well.  You will surely not lose your reward.  How easy it is to have God in our lives, by being a welcoming person.


      And then the reward.  Because of her great hospitality, the Shunemite woman in our first reading received the reward of a child.  As did Abraham and Sarah before her.   Hospitality leads to answered prayers, because our hearts are beating with God’s heart.



     Hospitality involves listening.  Listening leads to understanding.  Understanding leads to compassion.  And compassion is another word for love.


     If we take the time to listen, and walk a mile in another’s shoes, it will diminish all hostility.  And we will find ways to not only treat others justly, but to really enjoy one another. 


     When those aliens in that spaceship see us enjoying one another, they will conclude, “Now that is an intelligent people.”






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